We are looking for young, driven and digitally intelligent people to join our team.

Who are you looking for?

Simple: People who can bring us more traffic. We want digital marketing managers who either know how to develop our business in a particular territory e.g. Germany/Austria, Russia/ex-Soviet territories; or a global mind who knows how to help us get where we want to be.

What sort of skills do I need to have?

You shouldn't think SEO is an acronym for a space shuttle development program, or PPC is a new prototype car developed by Maserati.

We will explain you what our site does (or perhaps you won't even need that), tell you your budget and off you go on your quest to bring us more traffic - simple as that.

In short, you need to understand how internet and digital media works but most importantly you need to have a way with people. Ability to expand our partnerships and exposure is much more valuable than experience in digital industry, and that's only possible if you know how to impress people.

Do I have to live around your offices in Malta or Poland?

It isn't a must but it is a huge advantage. Having said that, we have people working remotely even at our home town. Thanks to faster planes and cheaper air tickets, it is not that much of an issue to work remotely.

Send your profile and let us decide. It's all about finding the right people for the right roles, not filling desk spaces in a single location.

How do I apply?

Send us an email ([email protected]). The more details the better.

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