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20:00 Hertha BSC Berlin II Lokomotive Leipzig 5 tips 20:00 FC Pirin Blagoevgrad Etar 1924 Veliko Tarnovo 21 tips 20:00 Lunds BK FC Rosengaard 1917 3 tips 20:00 Enskede IK Nykoping BIS 20:15 AL Tadamon Sour Tripoli SC 1 tips 20:30 Bristol City Leicester City 115 tips 20:30 FK Gabala FK Neftchi Baku 14 tips 20:30 FC Kuressaare JK Tallinna Kalev 11 tips 20:30 Barry Town United FC Penybont 6 tips 20:30 Colwyn BAY Aberystwyth Town FC 4 tips 20:30 Pontypridd Town Haverfordwest County 7 tips 21:00 Millwall FC West Bromwich Albion 59 tips 21:00 FK Cukaricki FK Novi Pazar 7 tips 21:00 Kitara FC Bul FC 2 tips 21:00 Vasalunds IF Karlbergs BK 3 tips 21:00 Torns IF Torslanda IK 4 tips 21:00 Enkoping SK FC Gute 2 tips 21:00 Ahlafors IF Lidkopings FK 1 tips 21:00 Herrestads AIF IFK Kumla FK 2 tips 21:00 BK Forward Grebbestads IF 2 tips 21:00 IK Gauthiod Vanersborgs FK 2 tips 21:00 Saffle FF Stenungsunds IF 2 tips 21:00 BK Astrio IK Tord 1 tips 21:00 Adama City FC Saint George FC 2 tips 21:00 FK Igman Konjic FK Sloga Doboj 5 tips 21:30 Madura United PSS Sleman 7 tips 21:30 Barito Putera PSIS Semarang 4 tips 22:00 NK Rogaska NK Bravo 7 tips 22:00 FC Pacos Ferreira UD Oliveirense 6 tips 22:00 Falkenbergs FF FC Trollhattan 1 tips 22:00 Team TG FF IFK Luleaa 1 tips 22:00 FK Jelgava FS Metta Lu 22:00 FC Dnepr Mogilev FK Arsenal Dzerzhinsk 3 tips 22:15 Qizilqum Zarafshon Lokomotiv Tashkent 22:30 NK Hrvatski Dragovoljac NK Dugo Selo 2 tips 22:30 Opatija Mladost Zdralovi 3 tips 22:30 Kustosija NK Jadran LP 22:30 Bjelovar Grobnican 1 tips 22:50 NK Istra 1961 NK Lokomotiva Zagreb 11 tips 23:00 Cardiff City Sunderland AFC 51 tips 23:00 Huddersfield Town Coventry City 51 tips 23:00 Hull City Stoke City 47 tips 23:00 Norwich City Plymouth Argyle 60 tips 23:00 Preston North End Rotherham United 53 tips 23:00 Queens Park Rangers Birmingham City 33 tips 23:00 Sheffield Wednesday Swansea City 37 tips 23:00 Southampton FC Middlesbrough FC 55 tips 23:00 Barnsley Cambridge United 18 tips 23:00 Derby County Blackpool 27 tips 23:00 Exeter City Charlton Athletic 16 tips

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Newcastle United Newcastle United vs West Ham United West Ham United 179 tips for match
Chelsea FC Chelsea FC vs Burnley FC Burnley FC 169 tips for match
Tottenham Hotspur Tottenham Hotspur vs Luton Town Luton Town 165 tips for match
FC Barcelona FC Barcelona vs UD Las Palmas UD Las Palmas 142 tips for match
Liverpool FC Liverpool FC vs Brighton & Hove Albion Brighton & Hove Albion 135 tips for match

Latest Football Tips

Cadiz CF will win the match

odds 2.05
Tip Score: 0.5

Both teams will score in the match

odds 1.64
Tip Score: 0.2

Leicester City will win the match

odds 1.65
Tip Score: 0.0
Not rated

Football Betting Tips and Predictions from Expert Tipsters

Arguably the most recognized sport, football is a foreground for almost 4 billion fans, watching from all around the globe. For a sport that gets this level of coverage, it is only natural that it attracts the biggest betting action. Football’s popularity in betting is down to the sheer number of its matches and its various leagues; tournaments that are played over the year. Almost every bookmaker available in the betting industry today, recognizes this spread, spending a wealth of their capital and loads of attention on football betting. The Football betting industry is forever expanding with a constant increase in the variety of its betting markets and with almost every bookmaker (old and upcoming alike) providing good betting tips and betting odds. The Football betting industry offers a great chance for new and experienced punters alike, to exploit its markets and make profitable football predictions

At ProTipster, we offer you the most successful Tipsters in the industry who specialize in offering betting tips for multiple sports including football. You can follow our football tipsters to get the best football betting tips. You can use them, couple them with your own knowledge of football and make profitable football predictions today.

Football Betting Odds

To boost your earnings through Football Predictions, it’s important you have a solid understanding of the Football Betting odds and also the factors that influence these odds. Decimal and Fractional odds are the two most common formats of representation and you can find many online bookies presenting their football betting odds in this format. Decimal odds are very popular among punters as they are easy to comprehend. Simply put, they represent the amount you win in relation to unit stake you wager. For example, If Liverpool is at 1.5 to win a game of football and you put a stake of 10$ on them winning, then if the bet wins, you make 1.5*10 which is 15$, reaping a profit of 5$ in the process. Fractional odds, on the other hand, are a bit harder to comprehend but are not unfathomable by any means. Here’s an example, if the odds are 5/1, then for every 1$ you stake, you get 5$ in return. In addition to this, if you are not comfortable with the specific format of odds representation available to you, you can use and Odd converter to convert and read the odds in the desired format. To learn more about this, check out our article which explains how an odd converter works.

Knowing how to calculate football betting odds is one thing but in order to identify betting opportunities, you must also know what influences these odds. When deciding odds, bookmakers take multiple factors into consideration such as Team strength, a respective form of the teams involved, home team, previous results (head to head), style of play and injuries/ suspensions to name a few. Bookmakers are also known to factor in both team’s fixture calendars. Bookmakers never decide odds on their truest probabilities. The odds they provide are always slightly adjusted to factor in a profit margin. The trick is to find value in the bets you place and this is where your knowledge of the sport comes into play. In the simplest terms, a bet has value when the chances of an event happening in our estimation, are higher than what the Bookmaker’s odds reflect. The most successful punters in the game are able to identify value opportunities and exploit them. You can learn more about odds and value betting here

The football betting odds provided by different Bookmakers are subject to their own estimations and never identical, so choosing the right bookmaker that provides you with the best and the most reliable odds is essential. At ProTipster, we provide odds comparison for a wide range of bookmakers. You can check them out, analyze and choose your best option.

How to Bet on Football

The football betting industry is immense and betting in it, could prove to be a daunting prospect for new punters. With this in mind, a knowhow of the various betting markets available and different type of bets that can be placed in them is essential. The following are two common types of bets you can place in football betting:

  • Singles - Placing a single bet is very common in football betting. Simply put, if you make one individual selection and that bet wins, you get your winnings in respect to that bet. They are not affected by the outcome of other selections you may or may not have made. Single bets are risk-free and easy to understand.
  • Accumulators - Accumulators or combo bets are very popular in football betting as they yield high profits. In this, all your selections accumulate into one bet and in order for you to win, each selection has to be a winner. For example, if you make 4 selections at odds of 1.5, 2.0, 2.75 and 3.5 respectively and place a stake of 20$ equally divided across these four selections, the odds combine (1.5*2.0*2.75*3.5) to give you new odds of 28.9 and if all four of your selections win, then you are looking at a payout of 578$ on just a 20$ stake. Accumulators are extremely profitable but at the same time risky as even if one of your selection fails, you lose the bet and your stake. It is therefore important to find value in each of your bet selections when betting on accumulators. Incidentally, ProTipster offers football accumulator tips on its site. Check them out to make profitable football betting selections.

There are a number of Football betting markets available for your perusal and some of the most common and popular ones are as follows:

  • Full time Result - Simple and the most common form of football betting wherein you bet on the result of the match. 3 way betting (1X2 betting), Asian handicap and Double chance are popular types of bets you can place in this market. 1X2 betting games make draws more interesting whilst Asian handicap helps even the playing field when one team is a clear favourite to win. Double chance meanwhile, allows you to bet on two possible outcomes (ex: home team win /draw). Odds offered on it are generally low but so is the risk is taken. An available side market to bet on is correct score where you try and predict the exact score of the game. It’s very popular amongst casual bettors as it generates high odds but is generally not recommended due to the risk factor involved.
  • Half Time/ Full Time - This market allows you to bet on individual outcomes of the two respective halves. This is a vast market with a total of 9 possible selections to choose from. For example, say you chose to stake on the HT home team /FT draw selection. It means you are betting on the home team to win the first half, but the game to end in a draw. The stake is then split equally between the two halves and you win if both outcomes are true. If only one outcome is correct, then you get refunded that part of your stake and lose the other half. 
  • Over/Under Goals total bets – Another popular football betting market is the over / under goals betting market with the over / under 2.5 goals being its benchmark. It’s a very simple type of bet where you bet on whether a match will produce more or less than 2.5 goals. For example, if you bet on over 2.5 goals and the match produces at least 3 goals, then you win the bet.
  • Football Goalscorer - In this market, you bet on the player who you think is going to score the first goal of the match. It generally produces high odds as the sample selection of players who are able to score the first goal is very high. Variations to this market like “each way first scorer”  where you win if the player you choose scores the 2nd or 3rd goal of the match and the self-explanatory “anytime goalscorer “ , are also available to bet in.

Other notable football betting markets include Scorecast (betting on both the first scorer and final result of the game) and League/ Tournament Top scorer. The Football betting Industry is also encompasses off season betting, with many bookmakers providing off season football betting markets such as the Player Transfer betting market, where you bet on which club a particular player will sign with next.

Knowing your football and knowing your football betting markets will definitely help you make profitable Football predictions but being consistent with those predictions requires having an authentic football betting strategy. Your betting strategy must be unique in terms of combining your football knowledge, ability to understand odds and your ability to identify trends and value opportunities in betting. One of very common football betting systems is to exploit betting trends like market biases, an example of which is betting on short priced home favourites, where the majority of the crowd bets on the home team ignoring a possible value bet on away team. There are several additional football betting systems worth to mention, but only ProTipster offers you the best football betting tips. 

Todays Football Betting Tips

ProTipster offers you a wide range of betting tips for free, provided by successful tipsters who specialize in multiple different sports. Check out the latest and today’s football predictions below.  

Weekend Football Betting Tips

The fact that most popular football betting tips are on weekend football predictions, shouldn’t come as a surprise. Major football leagues like the Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A and Liga BBVA, all play their league matches on weekends. Even the latter rounds of some of the cup competitions like the FA cup and Spanish Cup are weekend affairs. 

ProTipster provides the best weekend football betting tips for free.

Football long term bets

Having a long term betting strategy is a great way of making money through football betting as all top football leagues and tournaments spread across the world, commence around the same time. In long term betting, you bet on the outright markets which include:

  • Championship betting - where you predict the winner of the league to be declared at the end of the season.
  • Relegation betting – where you predict the team that is going to be relegated.
  • Golden Boot winner – Where you predict the top scorer of the league/tournament when.

A good long term betting tip is to place these bets, right before the respective tournaments and leagues commence as odds tends to exponentially go down as the season progresses. Here’s a list of a few things to keep in mind when betting long term:

  • Only bet on Outright Markets
  • Only Bet in leagues / Tournaments  that you know
  • Avoid betting on many selections on the same coupon
  • Keep track of your bets (to assess profits and losses)
  • Look for winning bets, not Value bets.

Football short term bets

Individual football match betting markets would encompass short term betting. Unlike long term, short term betting is all about finding value opportunities in bets. The most common markets the Full-time result, Half time/Fulltime, First scorer and Over/under 2.5 goals market. All four markets are easy to understand, generate good odds and with a little help from tipsters, bets placed in them could yield profits. Additionally, you can predict the correct score at the end of the match as well. Side markets such as predicting number of corners (per team/per match) are also available to bet on, but not recommended. 

Handicaps meanwhile, are a popular betting type in Football betting and line up well with short term betting. When one team is deemed an outright favourite, it is at very low odds to win. A Handicap is placed on that team, so as to make the game more interesting and add a bit of value to its odds. For example, Manchester City is (-1.5) against Newcastle (+1). If you bet on City to win, then for you to win the bet, City must overcome their handicap and beat Newcastle. However, if you bet on Newcastle, then even a draw would suffice for you to win that bet as Newcastle is already on a (+1).

In-Play Football Betting

In play markets are extremely popular in football betting and offer football punters a unique and immersive betting experience. Almost every online bookmaker in the industry offering live football betting markets on their site. Football with its many intricacies is extremely well suited to inplay betting. For example, in a game between two evenly matched sides, pre-match betting become tough and with In-play, you get the opportunity to observe the first 10 - 15 min of the game and then make informed betting decisions.  With respect to the happenings of the game, odds are subject to constant shifting in in-play markets and an instance in football that influences this shift is early goals. In a game for example, if the underdog scores an early goal, you’ll notice a slight increase in the odds of the favourites winning the game. Similarly, an early red card or an injury will also affect odds. In-play football markets, give you an opportunity to observe these scenarios and also time to identify a possible value bet. Another advantage of In-play football betting is that it offers fast cash outs, designed to boost profits or help you restrict your losses.

Some of the most popular In-play football betting markets include:

  • Next goalscorer
  • Next team to score
  • Half time score

Live betting markets are all about visibility and so, it’s important to have access to the best football live streaming sites. Many ProTipster affiliated bookmakers provide their users with free football live streams although in order have access to them, you would be required to meet their respective criteria. 

Best Bookmakers for Football Betting

Football garners the most betting action among other sports and so it’s only natural that a vast majority of online bookmakers in the industry are offering the best football betting tips, odds, betting market selections and coverage. However, you must know that this is just a marketing strategy, aimed to entice and attract betting customers and that there is no single bookmaker out there that offers you the best of everything. Considering the impact it can have on you making accurate football predictions tomorrow, choosing the right bookmaker is one of the first things you must do before delving into football betting. Choosing the right bookmaker for football betting is a tedious process requiring a good amount of research. Here are a few things football punters generally look for in a bookmaker:

  • A wide selection of available football markets
  • High and reliable betting odds 
  • Live streams to support In-play markets
  • Welcome Bonuses and Free bets

In addition to these, customer service and an easy to understand user interface is also important to punters. Incidentally, you can check out opinions, reviews and learn more about these bookmakers on ProTipster.

The main reason why punters bet on football or bet, in general, is to make money and it is in this case that getting the best and the most football betting odds becomes important. At ProTipster, you can find a number of affiliated bookmakers, providing the best and most reliable odds. You should analyze all of them and choose the best option. 


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Post your own Football Tips

On ProTipster you can test your betting strategies and place bets without risking real money. ProTipster awards tipsters monthly with $2500 worth of prizes, so while you will post your football tips, you could earn some cash and free bets. Just sign up your ProTipster account and compete with other sports enthusiasts in our monthly competitions.

There are various, serious reasons why you should post your own betting tips. Below you will find just a few of them:

  • Test football betting strategies without risking real money
  • Compete with the best football tipsters
  • Improve your betting skills and test various football betting systems
  • Discover different betting markets
  • Control your betting statistics and focus on the best sports and markets you are good at!

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