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00:30 Ilves Tampere KalPa Hockey 5 tips 01:00 HK Nitra HK Poprad 6 tips 01:30 HV 71 IK Oskarshamn 2 tips 02:00 Esbjerg Energy Aalborg Pirates 7 tips 02:30 IK Sonderjyske Herning Blue Fox 6 tips 03:00 Manitoba Moose Toronto Marlies 1 tips 03:00 HC Briancon Anglet Hormadi Elite 1 tips 04:00 Ahl Calgary San Jose Barracuda 1 tips 07:00 Buffalo Sabres New Jersey Devils 11 tips 07:00 Hartford Wolf Pack Springfield Thunderbirds 1 tips 07:00 Bridgeport Sound Tigers Charlotte Checkers 2 tips 07:00 Syracuse Crunch Lehigh Valley Phantoms 1 tips 07:00 Utica Comets Providence Bruins 2 tips 07:00 Laval Rocket Belleville Senators 2 tips 08:00 Milwaukee Admirals Rockford Icehogs 1 tips 08:00 Chicago Wolves Grand Rapids Griffins 2 tips 08:00 Texas Stars Iowa Wild 2 tips 09:05 Colorado Eagles Abbotsford Canucks 1 tips 10:00 Tucson Roadrunners San Diego Gulls 1 tips 10:00 Henderson Silver Knights Bakersfield Condors 3 tips 18:30 HK Avangard Omsk Lokomotiv Yaroslavl 1 tips 22:00 Straubing Tigers Wild Wings 22:00 HC Spartak Moscow Metallurg Magnitogorsk 1 tips 22:15 Frolunda HC Leksands IF 23:00 Storhamar Hockey Frisk/Asker 23:00 TPS Turku Tappara Tampere 23:00 HIFK Helsinki Pelicans Lahti 23:00 Jukurit Mikkeli Karpat Oulu


00:30 Florida Panthers Detroit Red Wings 6 tips 01:00 HC Bolzano-Bozen Foxes RB Salzburg 03:00 Lausanne HC HC Davos 03:00 EV Zug SC Bern 03:15 Grenoble Bruleurs de Loups Bordeaux GHC 03:30 Minnesota Wild Vegas Golden Knights 6 tips 04:00 Edmonton Oilers Anaheim Ducks 6 tips 06:00 Arizona Coyotes New York Rangers 4 tips 06:00 Colorado Avalanche Nashville Predators 4 tips 07:00 Winnipeg Jets Ottawa Senators 4 tips 07:00 Buffalo Sabres Toronto Maple Leafs 3 tips 07:00 Columbus Blue Jackets Pittsburgh Penguins 2 tips 07:00 Montreal Canadiens Carolina Hurricanes 4 tips 07:00 Philadelphia Flyers Chicago Blackhawks 3 tips 07:00 Tampa Bay Lightning New York Islanders 4 tips 07:00 Washington Capitals Boston Bruins 3 tips 08:00 St. Louis Blues San Jose Sharks 1 tips 10:00 Seattle Kraken Dallas Stars 1 tips 10:00 Calgary Flames Los Angeles Kings 1 tips 22:00 Metallurg Magnitogorsk HC Spartak Moscow 23:00 HC Pardubice HC Litvinov 23:00 Stavanger Oilers Valerenga IF

Most played matches for Ice Hockey

Buffalo Sabres Buffalo Sabres vs New Jersey Devils New Jersey Devils 11 tips for match
Esbjerg Energy Esbjerg Energy vs Aalborg Pirates Aalborg Pirates 7 tips for match
Minnesota Wild Minnesota Wild vs Vegas Golden Knights Vegas Golden Knights 6 tips for match
IK Sonderjyske IK Sonderjyske vs Herning Blue Fox Herning Blue Fox 6 tips for match
HK Nitra HK Nitra vs HK Poprad HK Poprad 6 tips for match

Latest Ice Hockey Tips

KalPa Hockey will win the match

odds 3.38
Tip Score: 0.0
Not rated

KalPa Hockey will score more than 1.5 goals in the game

odds 1.48
Tip Score: 0.0
Not rated

Ice Hockey Betting Tips and Predictions

Ice Hockey Predictions

Ice Hockey is not as globally relevant as Football, Tennis or Basketball and therefore doesn’t attract the same betting interest, however, it’s a sport that garners popularity in colder regions like Canada, North America and Northern Europe and it’s within these regions, where the ice hockey betting industry finds prevalence. What attracts sports fans (living in these regions) to this sport, is its fast gameplay (ice hockey is known as the “fastest game on the planet”) and physicality, in terms of its potential for violence. It is for the same reasons that the sport is also popular amongst punters. Many bookmakers in the industry, although aware of the sport’s betting industry limitations, have also managed to see potential in its niche popularity, with many of them having to offer good ice hockey odds and ice hockey betting tips.

ProTipster is a community of professional tipsters that provide some of the best ice hockey betting tips. Go check out our ice hockey expert predictions and use them to start making your own ice hockey picks.

Ice Hockey Odds

The main attraction for punters to place bets on any sport let alone ice hockey is the potential to make money from them and understanding betting odds is key to doing it. Fractional, Decimal and Moneyline odds are the three formats in which sports odds are displayed. With respect to Ice hockey odds, they are generally represented in the moneyline format which incidentally, is also the main format of sports odds display in North America. Moneyline odds are presented in two instances:

  • “Minus” Moneylines, expressed as (-150). In simple terms, it means that in order to win 100$, you must place a stake of 150$. For example, if you place a stake of 150$ on the Toronto Maple leaves to win, you will make a profit of 100$ if your bet wins.
  • “Plus” Moneylines, expressed as (+150). In this case, the bookmakers are essentially offering odds of (+150) on an event which means that if you stake 100$ on said event, then you will gain a profit of 150$

To make it even simpler, minus moneylines are a representation for when odds are low whilst plus moneylines represent high odds.

Additionally, you must also know the probabilities these odds represent. Moneyline odds are converted into their implied probabilities in the following ways:

  • For minus moneylines, it is (minus moneyline odds)/((minus moneyline odds)+100). For example, if we take the Toronto Maple Leaves at (-150) to win, then their implied probability is (150)/ (150+100), equating to 0.6 or 60%, which means that they have a 60% chance of winning the match.
  • For “plus moneylines, it is 100/ ((plus moneyline odds) +100). So if the NY Rangers are at (+180) to win, the implied probability is 100/ (100+180), equating to 0.357, giving us a probability of 35.7%.

Knowing the implied probabilities will help you identify value bets. Simply put, you find value in a bet when you find that your assessed probability of an event’s occurrence, is higher than the probability implied by the bookmaker’s odds. Finding value bet opportunities is a sure way of making profitable Ice hockey predictions on a consistent basis. Incidentally, you can learn more about value betting, by checking out ProTipster’s article on value betting.

Due to the fast nature of its gameplay, Ice hockey is a sport susceptible to intense physical altercations leading to line changes, multiple time halts, injuries and penalties. Bookmakers factor this in when making odds along with some other, more general factors that include:

  • Strength of team squads (Favourites/underdogs)
  • Home team
  • Form of the teams (previous results, also head to head)
  • Fixture list
  • Respective Coach styles, tactics

It is important that you are well versed with all the information around the game you are going to bet on. and are two good sources of information on Ice hockey happenings, you can use these websites to keep yourself up to date. Also, keep in mind that different bookmakers offer different odds and so it’s essential you compare them before betting. ProTipster offers you odds comparison for multiple trustworthy bookmakers. You can check them out and choose the best odds that could favour your Ice hockey predictions tonight.

How to Bet on Ice Hockey

The first step to making successful ice hockey predictions is to know the game inside out in terms of its rules and gameplay and while the rapid nature of the game could initially prove to be a daunting experience, with enough perseverance, it’s easy to get used to. Since Ice hockey is limited to being prevalent in only certain regions, it doesn’t attract too much-betting action and therefore, some bookmakers tend to provide a lesser number of betting lines in comparison to more other globally recognized sports. Some of the best types of Ice hockey bets and available betting markets popular among punters include:

  • Moneyline (regulation time, Overtime) – It’s important to know that competitive Ice hockey games, don’t accommodate draws. If the game ends in a tie after regular time, it is decided in overtime. A Moneyline bet is the most common and simplest type of bet, where you predict the team that wins the match. There are also two different variations to this market. The Match result (regulation time) bet, allows you bet on the winner but with the restriction of a said win coming within the regular match time-period. For example, if the team you bet on drew after the regular time intervals but then went on to win in extra time, you still lose your bet. Meanwhile, the other variation, which is the match result (OT) bet, does not have this restriction. Here you simply bet on the team that you think will win at the end of the game.
  • Puck Line Handicap: the Ice Hockey betting puck line is a betting market, unique to the sport but at the same time, a variation of traditional handicap betting. In simple terms, when the gap in strength is too big, a handicap is placed on the favourites and underdogs to level the playing field and make the match more interesting for bettors, giving them a chance to bet on the underdog and earn profits. For example in ice hockey, the underdog gets a (+1.5), which means that in case you place a bet on them, you’ll win if the underdog doesn’t lose by 2 or more goals.
  • Goals Total Over/Under: Bet is placed on whether the total number of goals is scored falls under or over a set value pre-determined by the bookmaker. In ice hockey, 5.5 is that benchmark set value. If you believe there will be five or fewer goals scored in a match, then your bet would be -5.5 and if you believe six or more will be scored, then its +5.5. On ProTipster you will find ice hockey over under predictions for every day.
  • Correct Score: A straightforward bet, where you predict the exact score of the game. In Ice Hockey, however, there are variations like predicting the exact score in regulation time or predicting the score after overtime. Odds for this market are always high as there are many probable outcomes.
  • Outright Betting: Outright betting is an example of future betting, where you bet on a team to win a specific competition. It is popular in Ice hockey as the sport offers multiple outright bets. One of the most popular outright betting markets in Ice Hockey, is the Stanley Cup, where you bet on the outright winner of the NHL season.

Additionally, there is a popular variation of accumulator bet in ice hockey, known as “the grand salami bet”. They allow you to bet on the over/under goals market in all of the games being played on that particular day. “Grand salami” gives you extremely high odds but again, in order to win this accumulated bet, every one of your single selections must be a winner.

In order to be a successful Ice hockey bettor over the long term, your knowledge of the ice hockey betting markets should work in tandem with your betting strategy. A betting strategy is unique in terms of game knowledge and intuitions. A good way to start is to be up to date with all the latest news around the teams involved, the match and the league/ tournament you are betting in. Knowing team/player statistics will also help you. For example, during power-play situations (where a team is penalized and plays with a man less against their opposition), stats could show how the said team has performed in previous power-play situations thereby, helping you assess their coping ability. At ProTipster, we offer you bookmakers with the best available selection of ice hockey betting markets, along with the best ice hockey betting tips and ice hockey odds. You can go check them out, couple them with your own knowledge and start making profitable ice hockey predictions tonight.

Ice Hockey In-Play Betting

Ice Hockey betting is already considered an acquired taste by many punters, so to think they’d find the concept of In-play betting in ice hockey though, is not very surprising. Having said that, it definitely gets easier once you get comfortable with the different nuances of the game.

Ice hockey is extremely fast paced, a sentiment that’s been echoed since the start, becomes extremely relevant when it comes to in play betting. However, this characteristic manages to blend perfectly with In-play markets, offering a dynamic betting platform for you to take advantage. Here are a few popular ice hockey in play betting markets:

  • Game lines (Moneyline, Puck line handicap), continue to be popular even in in play markets. You have odds available until a team is almost certain to win. Additionally, live betting’s fast pay out feature couples well with Moneyline betting, where there’s a regular chance of cashing out for a profit when you get in a winning position. Puck lines odds are also subject to change in In-play markets. For example, if a team starts with a puck line handicap of (+1.5) and if their opponents score the first 2 goals, then the bookmakers may increase the handicap to (+3.5).
  • The next team to score, is also a popular market in in play ice hockey betting, where you bet on the next team to score. This market also inadvertently boost the total score market.

Since In-play betting is all about betting and watching the game simultaneously, it gives you the best opportunities to identify value bets as you’d be making informed decisions on every bet you place. Here are a few things you can keep in mind when betting on the in play hockey betting markets:

  • Keep an eye on team form, could make a difference when a strong team plays an in-form underdog. Being able to read form, could help you bet in the most basic of Hockey betting markets.
  • Arguably the most important factor to consider when betting in the hockey in play markets, are Line changes. Knowing which line performs the best and in which context (attack, defense) and also their discrepancies, can be extremely useful in live betting markets such as Next team to score. For example, the first line of any team is filled with the most skilled players of that team.

In addition to this, to get the best out of the in play hockey betting markets, you have to watch the games. Watching them live will help you assess momentum shifts but more importantly, observe line changes and power plays. Multiple ProTipster affiliated bookmakers offer free live streams on their site to watch live ice hockey games, although in order to access them, you must meet their respective criteria.

Best Bookmakers for Ice Hockey Betting


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The length and fruitfulness of your hockey betting campaign depend on whether you select the right bookmaker or not. The hockey betting industry from a global standpoint is a niche market, however, hockey is still one of the big four sports in the US and therefore, is given a great coverage by online US bookmakers. Many of these US bookmakers provide deep coverage of the ice hockey markets, providing the best betting tips and ice hockey odds. A huge problem with US bookmakers, however, is that online betting in the US is banned and so these bookmakers are not authorized by any licensing authorities. Betting with US bookmakers is therefore risky and is not encouraged. Alternately, you can use the UK bookmakers who although may not offer or advertise the same level of coverage of ice hockey, still do have to provide a great selection of their betting markets in their own right. ProTipster incidentally, is in affiliation with multiple bookmakers who offer the best ice hockey betting services. You can find out more about them by checking out expert reviews and opinions on these online bookmakers.

Some of the most general things to look for in a bookmaker include:

  • Attractive odds and ice hockey betting market selection
  • In-play markets and ice hockey free live streaming
  • Promotional offers and bonuses
  • User-friendly interface

1xBet and Bet365 are two extremely popular bookmakers for ice hockey betting services. 888sport is known to provide the best value on ice hockey odds. William Hill, meanwhile, is known for its wide range of ice hockey betting markets selection and also a good selection of live betting markets, coupled with free ice hockey live streaming service. Welcome bonuses and free bets are part of many bookmakers' promotional services and are an important part of their marketing strategy to entice new customers. It’s a way, new customers get credit to place bets before they even put any money in their betting accounts. Bet365, for example, has great free bet offers which you should check, from time to time. It is important that you take advantage of such offers if you want to make the most out of your time betting in the ice hockey industry.

The Best Ice Hockey Leagues for Betting

Ice Hockey is a sport which is played in multiple regions, prevalent in some and simply existing in others. You can bet on both International and domestic Ice hockey competitions, with many of them being played in a calendar year, encompassing the best coverage and betting markets on both fronts. The most recognized international ice hockey competitions include:

  • THE WINTER OLYMPICS – Ice hockey has been a major part of this event since the 1920’s. It happens every four years. An Olympic gold is widely regarded as the pinnacle of a sportsman career.
  • THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS – Contested annually, it is the biggest and most important Ice Hockey event on an international platform. The top 16 Ice hockey national teams, compete in this tournament. It attracts a great amount of betting interest as it showcases the highest number of the sport’s stars from all the best ice hockey leagues.

With respect to domestic competition, the two most popular ones include:

National Hockey League (NHL)

NHL is widely regarded as the biggest Ice Hockey/ League cup competition and the biggest domestic platform, for ice hockey star to showcase his talents. NHL is staged in North America and is made up of 30 teams which are divided amongst two conferences (East, West). NHL gives the outright betting market a platform like no other, showcasing three big winners. You can bet on the winner of the Eastern Conference, the Western Conference and the biggest of them all, the winner of the Stanley Cup, which is contested through top 16 team playoff, followed by a match between the winner of the Eastern and Western Conference. Protipster provides regular NHL betting tips and predictions during the league season. Check them out to start making successful Ice hockey NHL predictions.

Kontinental Hockey League (KHL)

KHL is an ice hockey league competition based out of Russia and in terms of popularity and revenue is only second to the NHL. It has also established itself as the no. 1 professional Ice hockey league in Europe and Asia and attracts a good amount of betting action from those regions. ProTipster members offer regular KHL betting tips. Use them to start making your own KHL predictions.

Post your own Ice Hockey Betting Tips

Did you know it’s possible to improve your betting profits by posting ice hockey tips on the ProTipster website? The ProTipster algorithm uses various data factors when rating tips, and these factors are all fed back to tipsters. This means it’s possible to check which markets, tournaments and teams a tipster performs best in, allowing him to adjust his betting strategy accordingly. The more tips posted, the more data available and the more accurate the insights from ProTipster will be.

Moreover, on ProTipster you can test your betting strategies and place bets without risking real money. ProTipster awards tipsters monthly with $2500 worth of prizes, so while you will post your ice hockey tips, you could earn some cash and free bets. Just sign up your ProTipster account and compete with other ice hockey enthusiasts in our monthly competitions.

There are various, serious reasons why you should post your own betting tips. Below you will find just a few of them:

  • Test betting strategies without risking real money
  • Improve your betting skills
  • Discover different betting markets
  • Control your betting statistics and focus on best sports and markets you are good at!

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